The Firm

Dream big, dare to take on big ventures & deliver only the best.

Mr.Reddy Veeranna’s inspiring leadership, his keen eye for details, impactful ideas and strategic planning are Manyata’s foundation for developing iconic real estate landmarks which are changing the landscape of modern India.

Manyata is a pioneering real estate development firm that was founded by Reddy Veeranna with a vision to create quality infrastructure across residential, commercial and mixed-use developments in India. With the right people, resources and thought capital, Manyata explores the many possibilities of a property and its power to impact businesses and the society. With over 4 decades of extensive experience, knowledge and informed perspectives in real estate and infrastructure industry. Manyata has promoted and developed more than 330 acres of Integrated communities, while more than 800 acres is under planning and development. Several Fortune 500 companies have located their businesses at Manyata Tech Park which is bangalore’s first and largest operational SEZ that prides of bringing the live-work-play concept to life in India. Today, Manyata is synonymous with world-class projects that are changing the landscape of modern India.

What We do

Our Founders eye for detail, impactful ideas, industrial and cultural insights, perspectives and inspiring thought leadership are shaping the company to help turn real estate properties into our nation’s prosperity, one landmark project at a time.

A calculated growth plan based on excellence and strength, an advanced business model with a renewed approach to India’s real estate industry, many long-term successful partnerships with industry leaders, a pioneering commitment to sustainability and our refined processes in every stage of development, makes Manyata a trusted company.

We deliver the projects well-before time, thanks to our innovations, strategic skill set and key partnerships that help us earn several repeat businesses through our existing clients. This remains as a proof of utmost satisfaction that we have provided to our investors and customers.Manyata has already delivered and close to completion of several housing plots, villa plots and gated communities that are BDA-approved in Bangalore.

As a company, we have also been a strong support to other developers with our long-term partnerships, unique business models and key services like land identification, land buying, project design and project approvals.

Owing to its efficient and strategically streamlined team led by the industry’s stalwart Reddy Veeranna, Manyata functions as a unified entity that focuses on delivering business value and asset growth to its partners, investors and stakeholders through its futuristic developments.

At Manyata, we are all marching on the path to becoming India’s leading property developer by creating many large townships and tech parks that are innovative and future-ready. Today, we have already delivered a world-class project, high business value and investment returns to our investors and stakeholders. With a promising vision of our leader, we are sure that soon Manyata will be synonymous to every new landmark in the country.

Envisioned to be an end-to-end company, from land identification & acquisition to development & property management, Manyata aims to develop many more large -scale projects that are sustainable, world-class in quality and assures maximum returns.



To be a responsible, sustainable Development and Infrastructure Company that believes in world-class processes to create landmarks that give back to their environment, and to society..


The very name, Manyata, means values. A name carefully chosen to reflect what we believe in: transparency, creating world-class quality, and building lasting relationships with partners, clients and stakeholders.
This is a company built on trust, on entrepreneurial spirit and on hard work. And we are dedicated to creating long-term value and investor wealth through the highest standards of processes, sustainable measures and thought leadership.



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