The History of Manyata

The foundations of Manyata lie in the history of Reddy Veeranna’s first company Reddy Veeranna Constructions Pvt Ltd (RVCPL), which remains a key player in building the nation with over 55 large-scale and diverse infrastructure projects from highways, dams, bridges, lakes, irrigation pipelines to housing and power generation that have stood the test of time. The four decades of expertise across real estate, infrastructure and development industries has made Manyata a trusted and respected name among investors, partners and stakeholders who derive business value from the outcomes we deliver.

A backbone of India’s growing infrastructure, power generation and sustainable urban development through landmark projects that have transformed the nation since 1980s.


Transforming Realty

Manyata’s flagship project Manyata Tech Park stands as a testimony to the company and its founder’s futuristic vision by Being one of the largest integrated township that first brought alive the concept of live-work-play in India. Manyata Tech Park is the first privately-owned SEZ in Bangalore. The project was conceptualized to support the Growth of Karnataka and be regarded as an IT hub in the Indian Silicon Valley of Bangalore. Today, several Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Cognizant, Nokia, Siemens, ANZ and Target locate their businesses at this premium commercial zone. Manyata Techpark” is ever evolving to become one of the world’s finest sustainable townships.

Manyata is an entrepreneurial company that is transforming the country’s landscape, one city at a time. With its rich history of being one of the best land buyers in the country, the company is not only proficient at identifying and buying right land properties but also takes care of completely building and developing them into large, self-sustaining townships. Our innovative business model has resulted in a unique approach to business and we identify, design and get necessary project approvals before we either develop the project single-handedly or in partnership with other leading developers. Together with our leaders and partners, we aim to be the only company that translates its vision of large-scale projects that are not just sustainable but are world-class in every aspect.




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